About Travel Staffing Group

Evolution and Longevity – two words synonymous with our company.

In 1990 we started on our journey with Personnel Travel Consultants (PTC) to become one of the most respected and widely-used companies in the travel staffing business.  A few years later when the demand for temporary resources increased, we started our temp staff division, Personnel Travel Temps (PTT).  The Travel Industry has evolved – from commission cuts, online travel, world events and economic downturns, and we were all affected in some way. Travel as a whole is one of the industries that takes the brunt of either one or many of these factors.  There have been highs and lows and demands and layoffs.  Every time the industry went through a challenge it came back stronger. 

Today technology in travel has taken hold, however, the demand for the skilled travel professional is still in demand.  As times changed, so did we. In 2007 we introduced HotTravelJobs.com offering a “Job Board Specific to Our Industry.” 

We have worked with many Travel Companies from small to large and placed thousands of people in our 30+ years in the business. Our understanding of staffing needs in the travel industry spans past and future. 

We have now rebranded under “The Travel Staffing Group” of companies and will partner with other travel staffing companies to offer the best professional service and knowledge. We look forward to working with you!