Temp Staffing

About Temporary Resources

There comes a point in business that you may need help for short periods of time. Personnel Travel Temps exists to fill this need for you with a pool of temporary workers that have been with us for ten years.  Each temporary employee is highly skilled, motivated and maintains marketable, flexible knowledge base in the Travel Industry. This ensures that we will only match you with employees that fit your need and do not require time and valuable money spent merely in training.  Our staff is our business and we appreciate the work they do both for ourselves and for you. Travel temps are highly experienced at their jobs. We only send out people who can “hit the ground running”.

Why use a Travel Temp?

• Maternity Leave coverage
• Long or Short Term sick leave
• Large Group Movements
• Influx of business
• Temporary to Permanent Assignments

It is our experience that 99% of the temporary assignments are for corporate or group agents. It is difficult to cover with leisure agents.