There are 3 FREE certification courses for current users of the platform.

Take the assessment below and see which one is best for you! Then click on the link and use code LEVELUP2020 to get certified for FREE through May 31, 2020

Take your Cvent skills to the next level. Cvent’s Event Management Certification is designed for event professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise, skills, and proficiency in the event management solution.

Event Planners and Marketers with advanced experience in Cvent’s Event Management software.  We recommend this certification to those who have created, managed, and promoted multiple events using Cvent’s Event Management software.

Event Planners and Marketers who have proficient experience using CrowdCompass. We recommend this certification for those who have created and managed an event using CrowdCompass EventCenter and are familiar with the features included in a standard CrowdCompass mobile event app.